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A company with experience
In road transport

What do we do?

We provide car transportation services at the highest quality standards
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Car transportation

High experience and top equipment for solving the requirements and the exigencies of the customers

Mobile service

Mercedes Vito ready to offer assistance to the whole fleet to ensure a successful transport

Schooled staff

The qualified and schooled staff at the highest level coordinates the transport for a guaranteed success

Why Us?

1. Company with experience The reliability, professionalism,
flexibility and the equipment
recommend us
2. Well equipped and modern fleet Mercedes Actros trucks with
top structures, supervised through
3. Mobile service Always ready to intervene to
remedy the problems and to
ensure a successful transport
4. ISO 9001 professional certificates The company offers quality safety
services available through
ISO 9001 professional certifications

We guarantee the services
of car transport

For the whole fleet of trucks there is the
safety of the supervision through GPS


CMR insurance policy
of 1.000.000 €


Collaboration with top
European companies

ISO 9001

Dya Market

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